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*We now have the KoR Whitening Deep BleachingTM Max System (US) in stock featuring both custom Kor-Seal bleaching trays used together with power whitening with the renowned and patented Hydremide Peroxide!


1) KoR Deep Bleaching features the lowest sensitivity and greatest flexibility in treatment options of any system at the same time as providing extreme results (easily maintainable over time with minor effort = a PERMANENT result!)

2) We are the first and only practice in the North Island to offer this AACD-endorsed system.

3) Book now for the most effective, unchallenged, safest, permanent deep whitening solution in the world (book a free 15 minute consultation first to learn more about it).

4) This product is couriered refrigerated from manufacture to the time of clinical use for maximal efficacy of its 100% aqueous-based solution (no acidifiers or anhydrous additives to preserve shelf life like virtually all of the other dentist-prescribed systems out there – this lack of additives to a purely aqueous, neutral-to-basic pH solution is what is responsible for its low sensitivity yet high whitening power )

5) I am obviously really excited about this “couture”, patented whitening innovation by Dr. Rod Kurthy, DMD. I am excited because for the first time, something is effective, whilst respecting nature.

6) Oh, and by the way, lights and lasers do nothing to accelerate whitening – they do not create whiter teeth measured in split-arch studies (half the arch whitened with a light/laser and the other half without). In reality, they create more Substance P, which is a neuropeptide produced by pain-transmitter neurons to communicate with each other to increase inflammation and pain. KoR in-chair power whitening uses the power of combining three separate active ingredients to create a hyperactive yet neutral product with intense radical formation (the stuff that breaks down stain molecules in your teeth) with low to no sensitivity for the majority of patients!