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Philosophy and Mission Statements


Cosmetic dentistry is a personal statement, a redefining of salient and subtle personal attributes; expressed in a smile.
Everything to me is an indispensable detail in a smile: the framing of the teeth by the gingiva, the framing of the gingiva and teeth by the lips, the framing of the mouth by the face.

Tooth structure is precious and should be preserved whenever possible. My philosophy is: Minimally Invasive, Maximally Esthetic.

My philosophy of creating personal, individual perfection lies in getting to know the patient.
All information gleaned from the initial interview to personality to past or desired photographs are integrated into a planning framework.
This framework is tested methodically and sequentially with you the patient to ensure we are always traveling on your desired treatment path.
The multiple steps of being able to test-drive the final product before the final product is created allows predictability in treatment success.
My goal is to make you smile and function more beautifully and naturally than you have ever before.

Mission: Restorative.Excellence.

Respect is not given; it is earned.
Expections. We will constantly strive to exceed your expectations in treatment, thus earning your respect.
Sacrifice. Passion and attention to detail will never be sacrificed. Nor will your opinion ever be.
Predictability is derived from preparedness. We will never compromise this.
Education is the key to excellence. We will continually commit ourselves to remain leaders at the forefront of New Zealand cosmetic dentistry.
Confidence stems from a knowledge of oneself. We will aim to build up your confidence at the same time as we build up your smile.
Time. We will always respect the time that you have set aside to see us.


Our Motto

Transforming Lives, One Smile at a Time