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Ceraburs by Komet | Kuraray Majesty Universal

(Afternoon tea pics 1398.8: Kuraray Majesty ES Universal)   Taking these Class I’s to another universe with #ESUniversal #Majesty. Caries removed using the self-limiting ceramic burs from Duncan Grant #KometCerabur […]

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Composite Veneers Auckland

DSD guided deprogrammed new CRO delivered and today we had the “fun” of replacing this lovely patient’s old porcelain “veneers” (prep depth from the old veneers was 1.2mm +) with […]

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Root Cavities and Restoration Variation

I thought the Class V on the canine was going to easy and shallow.  This was completed in two stages as the horizontal shelf extended subgingivally by 3mm.  Interesting how […]

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Peripheral Rim Fractures

Peripheral rim fractures from a simple occlusal amalgam is no laughing matter.  In addition to the risk of vertical fractures propagating further, there is also the issue of occlusal effect […]

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Biorealistic Composite Restorations

Large overerupted Class I restoration affecting OB surfaces restored using a single shade of A3 Grandio SO for a 439MPa compressive strength, 187MPa flexural strength finish. #Voco #Supercomposite #GrandioSO #biorealisticdentalrestorations

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