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Premolar reconstruction with anatomy

P I M P I N Premolar. Proximoaxial reconstruction completed using my standard Omnimatrix with interior SlickBand for ultimate contour control. Single shade universal restoration. #Kuraray #MajestyES2Universal #premolaranatomy

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Dental Overlay Minimal Intervention Design

Minimally Invasive Preparation full coverage design striving to maximize both vertical and horizontal residual structure whilst providing a touch of mechanical retention form in the Biobase design, just to help […]

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Biomaterial Mimicking Dentin Physical Properties

D E N T I N  is the predominant substrate in cervical abrasion lesions.  As such, find a material with a matched modulus of elasticity for  biomimetic performance. #YoureWelcome #KurarayMajestyES2Universal […]

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No Prep Additions to Eroded Teeth

// N O   P R E P Some no-preparation additions to these deep erosive lesions on a lovely 73 year old man. #NonInvasiveDentistry #KurarayMajestyES2Universal

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Seamless Partial Restorations

Make it S E A M L E S S. Partial Restoration replacement on this upper second molar featuring marginal leakage.  Micro air abrasion is invaluable in determining which restoration […]

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