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Ivoclar Powerfil 3 second cure

The new 3 second bulk fill called #Powerfil by #IvoclarVivadent. Reason for retreatment: recurrent caries cervically. Bonding system: #AdheSE Universal Tint system: #Empress Color Sectional Matrix: #Garrison #Compositight3DFusion Man, that […]

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Saving Near-Hopeless Teeth

Hello Tea(m), Blindsided by this crown on this second premolar – originally a near-perio-endo lesion on a bridge abutment, the pontic was sectioned and the tooth accessed and successfully obturated.  […]

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Stabilizing Cracked Teeth

Humpday Brutality: When you remove an amalgam and realize that the hairline fractures look like Toronto’s subway map.  Provisional restoration : #GC #EssentiaU #fullcoveragerequired

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Complex Restorative Single Tooth Dentistry

Hey Tea(m) This situation shows a long-standing lost restoration in a “still vital” first molar with compensatory mesial drift of the second molar increasing root proximity.  After excavation of caries, […]

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