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Provisional Restorations that look realistic af

(Afternoon tea pics 1519.9: GC TempSmart | Optiglaze Color Shrink-To-Fit Provisional Restorations)   Shrink-to-fit Provisional/temporary bis-acryl restorations completed using TempSmart and Optiglaze Color to fine tune balance and esthetics before […]

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Turning fillings invisible with layered composite

Chameleon effect of this A3 shade of the new G-aenial is quite remarkable.  The subultimate layer, I think the proper English word correction, is penultimate was characterized with white tint streaks before […]

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SureSmile Clear Orthodontic Aligners

This case demonstrates the power of digital clear aligners in the efficient movement of teeth to achieve straight, broader smiles with the aid of composite attachments.  This is at the […]

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Obscuring Implant Screw Access Channels

It is a bit of a blessing that these high precious direct-to-fixture implant crowns have screw-channels that are extremely difficult to obscure due to the low value inside the tooth.  […]

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