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The foundation of great oral health is preventative dental services. Our extensively trained hygiene and oral therapy team have scientific publications under their belt and are dedicated to providing a comfortable, fun, and anxiety-free experience for everyone in your family to ensure the most welcoming and fear-free visit possible. We believe that learning excellent oral care habits requires positive associations with routine cleanings, oral examinations, and treatment planning. Let us set you up for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth and gums with our gentle, comprehensive approach.

We have provided a brief overview of the most common preventative dental services below. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to our team for personalised information.

Family Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family, including our youngest patients. (See Dental Benefits Contract for more information.) Children should visit the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts. We take special care to give your child a positive experience so that each appointment will be as stress-free and confidence-boosting as possible. Dr Clarence Tam has completed a GPR (General Practice Residency) in pediatric dental treatment and has the skill to provide calm, compassionate care to your child. We also understand that dental fear can arise at any age, and we provide a range of options, including sedation dentistry, to help put you at ease. In fact, we like “boring dentistry”, where the patient is so bored that they fall asleep or are engrossed in the latest series on Netflix. We then focus on the Art of Dentistry and delivering the ultimate result for you.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

The ACC provides government-funded dental treatment for patients who have experienced an oral health concern or injury due to a no-fault accident. All New Zealanders are covered through this program, and you can receive financial support for the restorative techniques you receive, your time off from work, and recovery therapy, as needed. For more information, please review the terms on the ACC website.

Preventative Care

To help keep your teeth free from damage and decay we can apply a number of preventative options. We offer bonded dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and proper brushing, interdental, and flossing techniques to kids (and adults who need a refresher) so you can smile confidently and maintain your dental work for years to come.

Routine Cleanings (Hygiene Therapy)

Brushing and flossing can only do so much; occasionally you must have a dental cleaning to clear away stubborn plaque and review the health of your gums and oral structures. Our hygiene therapy includes bacteria and plaque removal above and below the gumline, tailored gum health analysis, and oral cancer screening as standard. We will also take biannual to yearly X-rays to catch damage and decay below the surface and to identify potential abnormalities. If you have been cavity free for one year, we don’t take X-rays more frequently than every two years.

Exams and Treatment Planning

Following every initial consultation, we will provide a printed copy of your treatment planning. This may be as simple as recommending the best time for your next routine checkup or it may involve restorative or cosmetic treatments (based on your needs and expressed goals). We will provide images and video as appropriate, so you have the information you need to make the best decision for your care. Our team will work with you to determine the next steps of your care and when to begin.