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Read What Our Happy Patients Are Saying!

Clarence, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing job you have done on Jessica’s teeth! The whole process has been seamless and stress free. You were informative and reassuring through the whole process and the results are amazing, her teeth and now white and have more symmetry. For a young teenage girl who was so self conscious about her teeth, she is now walking around with the biggest smile and I can see a huge change in her confidence – thank you.

- Nancy F.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent treatment and the amazing results you were able to achieve with my discoloured teeth. The treatment plan was for teeth whitening, then 2 partial veneers on my front teeth. The teeth whitening had such an amazing result that I didn’t need to proceed with the veneers. I have had lots of positive comments about my teeth. Friends and family can’t believe how white my teeth are and the huge difference it’s made. I certainly feel more confident about my teeth, especially as the worse coloured ones were very visible right in the front. I would certainly recommend your services and it was worth traveling from Whitianga to Auckland.

- Debbie H.

Why did you decide to undergo this procedure?

To boost my confidence, I wasn’t happy with the appearance of my teeth and wanted to do something about it. I did my research and found some great things online about Dr. Tam and her work.

Could you briefly describe the experience?

Past experiences made me dread going to the dentist to the point of feeling anxious. Dr. Tam changed all that for me, from the start she made me feel comfortable, her staff and the environment put you at ease and I no longer dread that trip to the dentist office.

Are you satisfied with the results and how they have impacted your life?

I am more than satisfied with my results, I can now confidently smile and find myself not having to try and hide my teeth or look away from people when talking to them, it has changed my life in the best way possible and I’m beyond grateful for that.

- Lauren P.

Dr Clarence Tam and Jurka Vuletic make going to the dentist a real treat. Clarence has helped me overcome my fear of dental treatments. Clarence has had to do some major work on my teeth and the entire procedure and recovery has always been 100% painless. Quite frankly there is no one else I trust to do my dental work. Jurka is the hygienist and a total gem. My scale and clean was totally painless, seriously my teeth have never looked so good. If you’re looking for a comprehensive service with genuine people who are really passionate about dental care then you just cant go past Dr Clarence Tam and Jurka Vuletic.

- Aubrey M.

Madison and the team at Tam Dental are awesome. I had a check up, an amazingy clean and two very old fillings replaced and I’m delighted. I feel like I have new teeth! Friendly, efficient, pain free … and a brilliant result.

To be honest, injections in my mouth freak me out … and I was amazed at how I hardly felt a thing. With a great attitude and photos to show me what’s going on I felt like I was being looked after by people who loved what they do and are very good at it.

Thanks to ‘em all!

- Graham

“I was fortunate to be referred to Clarence by my regular dentist due to the reputation she had as a cosmetic dentist. The results were so outstanding I can honestly say they were a life changing catalyst. I smile more often and more confidently and am so proud to do so. I am sure this reflects the change in the way I feel within.

I had a very involved procedure which was completed over several months performed in conjunction with a referral to her colleague specialising in endodontics, Dr. David Parkins. From the very first contact I made her practice made an impression; the website was well thought out, easy to navigate, had lots of before and afters – which I love – all of the links worked, as well as being super modern with great design.
Angela and Varsha (more superstars) made my appointment with all of my time challenges in mind with great efficiency and from the first phone call I was already filled with great confidence before even setting foot in the practice.

Clarence’s kind and gentle manner set me at ease straight away. Yet don’t be fooled when it comes to perfectionism and achieving the absolute best result possible; she pursues this fiercely! Previously I was led to believe that my procedure was going to be extremely complicated, not necessarily successful or even possible and the bleaching result I had already been given previously the best that could be achieved. Clarence assessed every aspect of my requirements even suggesting improving details I’d been told would not ever be fixable and gave me every confidence that I would come away with an amazing result. The results were in fact so much better than I had hoped for I was overwhelmed and so very grateful to her and her fabulous team.

Every experience at Clarence’s practice from bookings, reception to examination and treatment is personalised and met with an outstanding level of professionalism as well as kindness and care”.

- Annalise S.

“I found Clarence Tam’s practise after a Google search and upon reviewing her credentials knew this was the cosmetic dentist to go with. She is highly skilled, professional, efficient, as well as accomodating and always friendly. Due to missing lateral incisors both cuspids had been re-shaped and composite veneers added as a teenager. Over 15 years later these had dis-coloured and desperately needed attention. At our first appointment I felt Clarence was excellent at communicating anticipated results, answered all concerns throughly and provided two possible courses of action from which to select. She designed new composite veneers and the results are amazing (I was so happy I cried). Her attention to detail achieved a natural result which blends in with the overall aesthetics of my smile. I would recommend her services to anyone.

I got a call my my usual dentist (Onehunga Dental Centre) on Thursday, they must have had a cancellation. According to admin records I required fillings, but in the end they happened to be on the cuspids that you fixed. I saw Yoshini for a full check up anyway and she was impressed with your work “Clarence does excellent work”. She actually commented positively multiple times during my check up. I wish someone talked like that about me! haha. Quite nice that you two know each other. As a result of Yoshi fitting me in, this means I do not require the tentative booking in August.

Thanks again for the efforts of you and your team. I understand this was probably a small restoration for you but it’s made a significant impact on my personal confidence.”

- Paislee A.

“Hi Clarence, How are you doing. I am just wanting to let you know, that I am very happy with your top dentistry work…and that my Crown is still on good and strong. After two other Dentists failed to refit my Crown, and a third refused and who only offered to do an unusual double Crown refit job, you were the Dentist who put it all right. So, I am happy to let you know, that you have won my customer loyalty, and I like your excellent workmanship very much.

Interestingly enough, after many years of first seeing your marketing advertisement in a magazine, and intending to see you one day when required, I was coincidentally recommended and referred to you by another Dentist who I highly regarded, who could not achieve your successful Crown refit outcome.

Thank you very much for doing top notch Dentistry work, I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a very good and dedicated Dentist.”

- Damon T.

“I’m very happy with my new teeth. They feel and look so much better. Dr. Tam is the best dentist I have ever been to! I’m actually looking forward to coming back for more treatment!”

- Henry C.

Case study: A patient’s story

A cycle has finally been broken: A multi-dimensional psychosocial approach needed to support dental care

Pseudonym of patient: Huia (Māori female, aged 55)

When I was a child my mother used to tell me “a woman has to take care of her teeth and hair”. These were symbols of beauty in my mother’s culture. My mother is an indigenous woman from Aotearoa New Zealand. It was only as an adult that I learned that she is the great, great, granddaughter of one of the last paramount chiefs of our iwi (tribe). I respected her mana (authority and status) greatly. But unfortunately, I could not follow my mother’s wise advice. At 84 years she has managed to keep most of her own teeth and they are strong and white. Now aged 55 I have had at least 6 extractions (not including wisdom teeth) due to poor oral health care. Why wasn’t I able to follow my mother’s advice?

I was born in the early 1960s when children’s oral health care lay in the hands of dental nurses. My earliest memory of walking to school involved walking past the little brick building nestled among the dark trees on the slope of a hill; as we passed by the building the older children would whisper “that’s the murder house”. I had no idea what this meant until it was my turn to go… Actually, at first it wasn’t that bad, but in time I associated the experience with intense nerve pain (drilling without pain relief) and like others, I too began to dread these visits.

By the time I was in my late 20s I completely avoided the dentist and only visited one if a tooth decayed so badly it required an extraction or worse, a root canal. Each time I visited a dentist I got the lecture “if you don’t start flossing you will get gum disease and you will lose all your teeth.” Visiting the dentist not only triggered fear of nerve pain but was now associated with fear (i.e. the judgemental lecture) which quickly turned into more guilt.

Reflecting back, I now realise that ignoring my teeth and gum care was actually part of a self-defence mechanism (unfortunately this ended up fulfilling the prophetic words of well meaning (but also guilt-tripping) dentists). Not being able to afford the money to have my teeth fixed may have been relevant 20 years ago but to be truthful, this has not really been the case in the last 20 years; so what’s the reason I haven’t had regular dental check-ups or sought help for early dental decay or gum issues? FEAR — I have been gripped with fear and guilt, so much so, I never prioritised my teeth, full-stop.

So by age 54 my gums and teeth were in a bad state. I visited the dentist at the end of last year and found out that I required gum scraping before she could work on my teeth; what was the point of spending all that money if my gums were unstable? Now that I am quite a way through my treatment program I reflect on my experience. Specifically I want to highlight the importance of having good psychosocial care; after all, my emotions (fears) drove me to neglect my oral health and so a healing would need to take place in my emotional core to enable me to seek help and maintain treatment.

The following is a brief summary of the things that I believe made a difference to my self-seeking behaviour, engaging with the dentist and receiving dental care. My aim is to show that a number of different variables coalesced to enable me to change my perception of dentists, dental treatment, personal oral hygiene and future engagement with dental care.

1. Encouragement: (to see a kind and skilled dentist):

Prior to starting to work with Dr Clarence Tam my partner received support for her dental problems. My partner was probably more traumatised by dental nurses and dentists than I had been and sadly lost her top teeth. Clarence cared for her and restored her bottom teeth. All the way through her treatment programme my partner encouraged me to see Dr Tam. She spoke about her kindness and naturalness (no high-brow airs and graces and despite being an ‘expert’ I was led to believe this expertise would not be lorded over me; I would not be made to feel guilty about my teeth.

2. Dental surgery environment and atmosphere:

On my first visit to the dental surgery I noticed the premise had a homely (as opposed to clinical) atmosphere; a small waiting room had windows which looked over the city; a toilet set off to one side was comforting (I didn’t have to ask where it was and get a key and walk down a maze of steps to find a loo as is sometimes the case these days).

The receptionist was also very friendly, calm, natural in her approach with me, and efficient. This gave me confidence in what was about to happen. When Clarence came out to get me (big smile) she greeted me and spoke to me as if I was a person (not a job). She took me to the room where I was introduced to the dental technician, Wilson. Another big smile and some banter ensued; this settled my nerves (i.e. these people were relaxed, they weren’t rushing my job. I immediately noticed the room – high tech equipment and a large television on the roof.  Both Clarence and Wilson welcomed me (they felt genuine); for example, they were interested in my partner and asked how she was. They enquired about her recently fitted false teeth and her recent mastectomy. Their concern for her was genuinely compassionate. Everything in the room that was happening seemed very calm and relaxed. I started to feel the tension melt away.

3. Personal Dentistry Style: I’ve come to realise that no matter what profession you’re in, everyone has their own personality and way of working (style). The following are things I observed about Clarence and her team that gave them their own particular dentistry style. It worked for me:


  • Sharing information: At the start of my treatment programme and during individual treatment processes photographs were taken; these images were shared with me. Clarence used lay-person language to explain the issues with my teeth and gums and at no time was I given a lecture or made to feel guilty. Nor was I questioned about my poor dental care or admonished for neglecting my teeth. Everything was explained in simple terms and with the greatest care and respect.
  • Caring team working with me:  Being cared for by a dentist and technician that worked well together engendered a sense of confidence in them as a team. They worked harmoniously together; they liked each other and everything was in sync. This sense of equality rubbed off on to me as a patient.  In my culture we call this way of being aroha (love, compassion, care, concern).

2. Dentistry equipment: Everything seemed new, quick and efficient (the less time in the room the better for me and the modern tools provided me with a sense of confidence that Clarence knew what she was doing)

3. Good anaesthetic procedure: The gums were well numbed prior to being injected (yes this took a few seconds longer but resolved 98 per cent of my worries)

4. Choice of movie to watch (and headphones): My job was to keep my mouth open, use hand movements to indicate if I needed anything (different signals for different hands) and watch the box – how hard is that?

5. Being informed of progress: As Michel Foucault has said “knowledge is power”; I felt as though the power was shared between the dentist and myself; I was included in this dental process and was not merely there to be growled at and judged by a so called ‘expert’ who had the power to hurt me physically and emotionally.

Impact – Moving into the future

Providing the right environment, atmosphere and health care require multiple things to happen simultaneously and with such subtle synchronicity that everything that happens seems to occur, almost naturally.

Clarence and her team’s holistic ‘style’ of dentistry achieved a good outcome for this reluctant patient. My satisfaction is the result. Kindness, compassion and non-judgemental care are the key. So too are expertise in dentistry, good gum numbing techniques and the latest equipment and resources to prevent pain and trauma. Attending to the psychosocial needs of the patient through providing a healthy distraction like television was also helpful. Providing information every step of the way kept me informed about what was happening. After all, this is my body, my mouth, my gums, my teeth and my emotions.

Moving into the future?

I am nearly finished my dental work this year. I feel empowered. I am no longer afraid to have regular dental check-ups and if I have an unexpected issue I Know I will seek help immediately. This will avoid an emergency dentist visit two years later to extract a worrying stump and another dose of guilt.

My only disappointment is that I did not meet Clarence and her team 50 years ago.

- Tess M.
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