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Large direct restorations on abrasion lesions

The beauty of composite is its conservative nature, when the alternative would require indirect restorations necessitating draw/preparation design for insertion path and ultimately more removal of healthy tooth structure. #GCGaenialAchord […]

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Class V difficult access

Subgingival root abrasion lesions are ones that most definitely require excellent (absorbtive) retraction to treat successfully.  One of the benefits I like about using retraction cord is its ability to […]

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Class I composite replacement

Class I selective restoration replacement (partial restorative therapy) leaving an old GIC base in the second molar.  An opaquer was microlayered before surface layering using the cloud shaded (A2 = […]

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CeramX Spectra ST Composite Class I

Composite Class I A R T | #AmalgamReplacement with a single shade of A2 Ceram.X Spectra ST with base neutralization using a white opaquer. #DentsplySirona #CeramXSpectraST Dentsply Sirona #classIcompositeart (Afternoon […]

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