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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Acid Erosion: Rebuilding Nature’s Function and Aesthetics

(Afternoon tea pics 847.7: GC Essentia U | Essentia Modifiers | Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion)   Hello hello,   Tooth #3 (16) was sensitive to biting pressure and radiographically exhibited […]

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Full Dental Makeover | Complex Rehabilitation | AACD Accredited Dentist

(Afternoon tea pics 776.7: Vitapan Excell | Astratech Locators | Osteon Custom Angled Abutments) Happy Friday Team, Today was the culmination of a rehabilitation case completed with the privilege of […]

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Full Mouth Reconstruction | Tam Dental Group Auckland

1 week reassessment: This was a very complex occlusal dysfunction case that was exacerbated with methamphetamine use a few years ago. The deprogrammed position was not as straightforward or repeatable […]

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Full Dental Reconstruction | Occlusal Wear and Rehabilitation

(Afternoon tea pics 692.3: Ultradent EmiLuma | Lumiloc | Gemini Diode | G-Aenial Injectable&Anterior) Happy Humpday, It’s been a bit of a mission getting to this stage.  Foundational restorations completed […]

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Full Dental Makeover | Extreme Makeover | Laser Gum Surgery

Hello again, This was a Digital Smile Design-driven case (Smile Designer Pro, Toronto) with transsulcular osseous resection and gingival recontouring courtesy of the Ultradent Gemini dual-wavelength diode laser (810nm, 980nm) […]

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