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Root Canal

Rebuilding and Reconstructing Complex Teeth

You never know what you’re going to find under old crowns and restorations. Post system in second premolar: #Voco #Rebilda GT Post Post cement and core buildup material: #Clearfil DC […]

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Saving Near-Hopeless Teeth

Hello Tea(m), Blindsided by this crown on this second premolar – originally a near-perio-endo lesion on a bridge abutment, the pontic was sectioned and the tooth accessed and successfully obturated.  […]

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Root canal fillings | Making Teeth Look Like Teeth | Dentist Auckland

RCT Closure: #Venus #Pearl A2 #heraeus. Great blend even without hypocalcification maverick details.

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Advanced Root Canal Post System | Rebilda GT Post by Voco

Hello hello, Had the opportunity to try the Voco Rebilda GT Post system today. It utilizes glass fiber bundles (70% of the content) composed of 0.3mm fiber strands in various […]

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