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Class I GC Essentia U

Always love producing clean line emotion using #GC #EssentiaU #SkulptingSkool101

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Rebuilding extensively restored teeth

(Afternoon tea pics 989.9: Voco Grandio SO A3)   When you get the chance to work on one of your idols, but he has unresolved sensitivity…fingers crossed this resolves things. […]

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Temporary Immediate Direct Implant Crowns

(Afternoon tea pics 988.8: C-Tech Small Diameter Implants | Immediate Direct Composite Crowns)   Evening All,   This was a referral multidisciplinary case. 17 year old female.   Orthodontist: alignment […]

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Kulzer Venus Pearl

Kulzer Venus Pearl used on this premolar restoration

Showing this premolar some love. #Kulzer #VenusPearl

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Root protection with bonded composite resin

Root exposure from past long standing generalized moderate to advanced chronic periodontitis can leave areas susceptible to abrasion and further damage.  A no-preparation approach can be taken here using surface […]

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Style Italiano Composite in Action

Class II direct using #StyleItaliano #Whiteology P Shade. #HealthcareEssentialsNZ

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StyleItaliano Whiteology used to replace old composite fillings

(Afternoon tea pics 980.8: StyleItaliano Whiteology P Shade | Voco Final Touch White)   Old restorations replaced using the new StyleItaliano Whiteology P (Posterior) Shade. Triangular ridges accented using some […]

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Pulpdent Activa Bioactive Liner and Base use in a deep posterior restoration

(Afternoon tea pics 979.9: Pulpdent Activa Base/Liner | StyleItaliano Whiteology P Shade)   Afternoon alle,   This 19 year old girl had a interesting cavitated lesion on #2P (1.7P) that […]

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Bioactive Liner Use in Restorative Dentistry

Deep restorations like this call for a bioactive ionic resin matrix liner like Pulpdent Activa Base/Liner (silly me, no photograph). It is both light and dual cured, and features a […]

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