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Placing Beautiful White Fillings

The hilarious moment when you don’t take a pre-op shot and people think you really showed that adjacent mesial surface some serious love. Then you find a shot from another […]

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Making a Dark Crown Blend In Better

(Afternoon tea pics 915.5: IPS e-max Zr CAD MTA1)   3 month reassessment. Still a bit low in value (grr) but an improvement.   Material: A dark stump shade of […]

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Whitening Instead of Veneers

Hi Tea(m), It is amazing how when we push the limits of clinical possibility by being conservative, sometimes we can set the case up without treating teeth that once were […]

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Restoring lost contour to teeth

Large cervical abrasion lesions sometimes are so extensive that the attached gingiva seems to invaginate in to adapt to the cervical contour.  The full restored contour should allow predictable remodeling […]

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