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Happy Tuesday!

I saw this girl 6 years ago when she was 10 years old for layered composite restorations on both 11MIBL and 21MIBL. Since then, she has grown up, and has completed orthodontics as well as managed to shear-fracture aspects of the restoration. All-in-all, looking decent for 6 years with an invisible join line, but she wished for a whiter smile with all the nuances of nature. Using a cutback technique, the enamel and composite were micro air abraded using 27 micron aluminum oxide before a total etch technique using a 60 second dwell of silane coupling agent (Clearfil Ceramic Primer (10-MDP, 10-MPS) on the composite to try to establish a chemical linkage to the methyl groups of the resin. GC G-Premio Bond was used as it contains MDTP which is able to bond to old composite in addition to 10-MDP just for good measure. The restorations were layered with Kerr Harmonize A1 Dentin, XL1 Enamel, Clear and Kerr Kolor White Tint to full form. The maverick effects really makes this a “stand out blend in case”.

Have a great evening,

Clarrie x

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