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This was an interesting case where I had constant “ping off” of my Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion tension ring.  I needed to switch back to the old school Compositight 3D XR ring to grip the rubber dam lip I positioned over the cervical aspect of tooth 6 (1.3).  Glad it worked out.  On a separate note, this was the last case I had the pleasure of doing with one of our assistants, Sudeshna.  We wish you well in your next endeavor.

Bonding System: Ultradent Peak Universal Bond
Restorative: Mosaic A3.5 single shade, A2 Permaflo
Dam: Dermadam Synthetic
#Ultradent #Mosaic #Peak #Permaflo #Dermadam #Garrison #Compositight3DFusion #Compositight3DXR