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Had the opportunity to try the Voco Rebilda GT Post system today. It utilizes glass fiber bundles (70% of the content) composed of 0.3mm fiber strands in various preset fiber bundle diameters. The one used here was 1.4mm. 10% of the content are fillers, which is responsible for its outstanding radiopacity of 408% Al and finally 20% DMA resin matrix to bond it all together. It is silanated in the conventional way before adhesive luting to the canal via Futurabond U, all in a very slick workflow. Just like GC’s Ever-X Posterior composite, it boasts incredible fracture toughness and has a “form fitting” ability, relative to a rigid glass fiber post. Modulus of elasticity just slightly stiffer than superficial dentin (20GPa) at 31.5GPa.

Very cool

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