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Recurrent caries in two locations under this seamingly “conservative” amalgam. The trouble is, with undercuts, the actual size of these preps belie their surface appearance.

Substrate Optimization steps:
// Beveling: the closer to a cusp, the more aggressively you need to bevel
// Micro particle abrasion: 29 micron AlOx (Aquacare) at 30-40psi/2-3bar
// Selective Etch: allows for 10-MDP in a later step to work on unetched dentin to form SuperDentin (300-500nm layer)
// 2% CHX (aq): knocks out MMPs and acts as a rewetting agent
// Bond (10-MDP-containing ideal as above)
// Air thin
// Cure
// Resin Coat – microlayer 0.25mm, cure, etc.
// DWT: 5 minutes.

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