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1) Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables like celery, carrot and apples! The best time to eat these is after a meal as these fibre-full snacks will work to dislodge any food stuck between your teeth.

2) Bacteria are one of the main culprits, so eat antibacterial fruits like Vitamin-C-rich citrus fruits! These antioxidants are sure to send those conversation killers to the other side.

3) Serious halitosis requires you to change your favorite drink to green tea. Sip this throughout the day and not only will you have the freshest breath in the office, but probably be the healthiest as well!

Note: moderate to heavy green tea intake can stain teeth – but these external stains are easily removed by a hygienist or controlled by regular custom bleaching tray use.

4) Cinnamon sticks (used with your latte) can really add a sweet zing to your breath! Better zing than zap.

5) Chew parsley and mint. These herbs release a beautiful aroma when chewed or crushed, and help to neutralize odors too! Just make sure you don’t have any parsley bits caught between your teeth. Cool conversation requires nice breath and clean teeth.

*Don’t forget that you can brush and floss after every meal (just like me!) There’s nothing wrong with being OCD…