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Tested a new Giomer-based resin composite sealant today after an extended fissurotomy on this first molar, called Beautiful Injectable X.  Here are the features that I find interesting for use and my observations of this material in this application:

1) S-PRG technology: Surface Pre-Reacted Glass consisting of fluoroboroaluminosilicate glass coated by glass ionomer in a polyacid matrix.
2) This matrix recharges and ultimately releases fluoride + silicate = dentin remineralization function
3) This matrix recharges and ultimately releases fluoride and strontium = hydroxyapatite conversion into fluorapatite and strontium apatite.
4) Excellent chameleon effect
5) Handling is “stickier” than I am used to with Clearfil Majesty Esthetic flowable, but it is an injectable and “stackable”.
6) Polymerization contraction (volumetric) is 0.8%.  This is insane especially in areas of such “high C-Factor” influence.  Shrinkage stress is 2.7MPa, which is higher than G-Aenial Universal Injectable.
7) Radiopacity is “very similar to enamel” so it is hard to spot on post-operative radiograph.
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