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Afternoon All,

Efficiencies in practice are crucial for fiscal viability.  Technologies today have allowed practitioners to place composite resin restorations in a fraction of the time due to novel photoinitiators and low-shrinkage stress resin matrices.  There must still be an adherence to basic bonding principles though, in my opinion for bulk fill resins.  Tagami has always said to “use bulk fills like a conventional composite.”  These modern materials will have greater monomer conversion, reduced shrinkage stress and generally an acceptable chameleon effect, but it is still important to remember that for every up there is a down.  Relative to bulk fills, the Powerfill by Ivoclar is the one of the nicest bulk fills I have tried, relative to material handling.  In addition, it is able to be cured in a 3 second increment with light with >2000mw/cm2 intensity.   It is important to note that often in these reduced restoration volume situations the lack of thickness may lead to a slightly translucent result relative to a conventional composite, despite having translucency modifiers like Assencio.