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Hello Monday!

What bollocks weather we are having right now. Don’t worry, the reason for my slightly off mood is that my Nikon D750 shutter literally exploded today. So I am rocking it old school with my original D5000 from back in the day. Apologies for the occasionally overexposed or underexposed shot along with the lack of dynamic balance. The D850 is a suitable replacement/front runner whilst the D750 is off to Christchurch. Oh, and that should also take care of the “dirty sensor” issue.

This was a simple Class V case using the new GC G-Aenial Universal Flo Injectable in shade A3. It has even finer particles relative to the original G-Aenial Universal Flo, so it holds its shape better and is even more polishable. Between this and Essentia Lo-And-Hi Flo… it’s hard to choose a better Class V restorative material.



#GC #GaenialUniversalFloInjectable #ClassVBangers