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Class IV fracture replacements for this lovely dentist from Hamilton.  The centrals were hyperchromatic initially, however, should have a slight lift from the lighter value shades selected from the Evanesce range.

Restorative shades visualized on shade reference photo 1: Incisal L to R: A2E, A1E
Restorative shade visualized on shade reference photo 1: Cervical L to R: A2D, A1D
Restorative shade visualizsed on shade reference photo 2: B0.5E
A1D was selected for both the lingual shelf and proximal frame/halo and dentin mass.
ENI (Enamel Incisal) was used for the interdigitating translucency.
B0.5E was selected for the enamel mass.
Adhesive system: Total etch approach (MPa Bond, Clinicians Choice)
Finishing System: ASAP Diamond Brush Polishers (Clinicians Choice)
With rehydration, the result should be well-integrated.