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This dental assistant patient travelled to our practice for restorative lightening after internal bleaching of both 21 and 11 failed.  Her goal was to increase the value/brightness of the teeth, whilst “occluding” the orange internal effects at the junction of the incisal/middle 2/3rds.  The final result has corrected value and is slightly over “creamy-opaque” as her teeth featured quite a translucent body effect after a month of bleaching where she was based.  On review, possibly a reduction of the dentin volume and increasing the amount of enamel would impart a grey hue to the teeth.  Incisally, the effects could be more pronounced but she was happy with this level.

Restorative: Clinicians Choice Evanesce shades B0.5E, B1D, EWC, white tint.
Polishers: Clinicians Choice ASAP Polisher brushes
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