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Happy Freitag,

Sometimes, dentists want you to do the heroic, to go against the stream, to see what is possible with certain materials.

This case featured a tooth that had a pin-retained near-endodontically involved amalgam restoration that had serviced the patient for over 30 years. With the amalgam gone, the dentist completed the GC Equia Fortefil provisional cover herself before asking whether I could try to build the tooth up with composite as opposed to having a bonded porcelain restoration as the ferrule on the tooth was already so minimal.

Following removal of all old restorative material, the pin was found to be mechanically sound, and thus was left. The tooth was micro air abraded using 27 micron aluminum oxide after a light circumferential chamfer completed, and a self-etch technique completed using GC’s G-Premio Bond. The bond layer was hybridized with a few ultra-thin layers of GC G-Aenial Universal Injectable before freehand building up the B cusps, L cusps separately first before completing the case like a Class I. The material used was the low-shrinkage stress Heraeus Venus Pearl in shade A3, featuring a pretty stellar chameleon effect and ultimate handling. The stain used was Voco Final Touch Brown via the interlobar staining technique.



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