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Afternoon People,

Hope your respective days are going well. I had the opportunity to trial the new Kerr Optibond Universal multi-modal adhesive today on this 39-year old female. It features an interesting ternary solvent system that incorporates all three of water, ethanol and acetone. It doesn’t use 10-MDP but instead a modified structure that still features an acidic phosphate group to bond to hydroxyapatite and hybridize dentin but with more CH3 groups. Initial reviews of shear bond strength to various substrates are impressive.

This case features “bombed out” caries on tooth 32DIBL. After removal of the provisional restoration, the caries was excavated entirely narrowly escaping a pulp exposure. A selective etch technique was used after micro air abrasion (27 micron aluminum oxide) using Optibond Universal, scrubbed in for 30 seconds before air thinning (10 seconds) and curing. The restoration was freehanded using a pre-crimped Mylar strip, A1 Enamel and A1 Dentin along with some Clear for good measure.



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