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This was a hump day “new technique” case that I managed to complete on my assistant, Varsha (or V) this morning with a last-minute patient cancellation *choice*. Old amalgams in the 3rd quadrant were causing Varsha discomfort upon chewing pressure and even to the extent of temperature hypersensitivity. After removal of the amalgams under rubber dam isolation (Sanctuary dam: latex green (Amtech Dental NZ)), the margins were bevelled and the preparations micro air abraded using 27 micron aluminum oxide before a total etch technique using G-Premio Bond (GC). The reason for a total etch approach was to deal with the sclerotic dentin found underneath the amalgams. GC Essentia Masking Liner was utilized to neutralize the dark value before placing multiple “Injected” flowable increments to full contour. It was an interesting technique as normally one would layer and sculpt, but this injectable flowable from GC holds its shape so well you can virtually place it with the syringe tip.

Not only does G-Aenial Universal Flo Injectable have finer particle size (polishes like a dream) averages than GUF original, it holds its shape, and features a flexural strength of 176MPa. Wow.

Clarrie x

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