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This case was insane and such a struggle to DME the distal aspect with the dam on. The B2 was removed completely after multiple (multiple) attempts to entrap the DME matrix within the tines to no avail, and the Omnimatrix with internal Garrison Firm band (matrix-in-matrix) was utilized as both matrix and retainer. Following creation of the distal marginal ridge, the assembly was removed and the B2 clamp replaced, before placement of the conventional Garrison yellow tension ring and the same matrix on the mesial.

The Aquacare system was utilized with 29 micron aluminum oxide and a total etch adhesive approach taken. A series of microlayers were placed before substrate value neutralization using Kerr XL2 Herculite Ultra flowable. Dentin body replacement was completed using GC Ever-X Flow and occlusal lobe-by-lobe reconstruction completed using Majesty ES-2 Universal.

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