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Our cosmetic dentist, Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS, AAACD, FIADFE, recently authored an article in Dental Asia detailing a patient’s profound smile makeover, which has since been published by the internationally lauded dentistry publication. The featured case discusses Dr Tam’s successful treatment of a 26 year old female patient with multiple dental concerns, including significant intrinsic tooth discolouration, extensive asymmetry in the tooth form, and injuries suffered from past tooth trauma. These aesthetic defects led to lower levels of self-confidence for the patient in both social and professional interactions, prompting her to seek an effective, yet minimally invasive, solution in treatment with Dr Tam. Ultimately, a brighter smile marked by more cohesive aesthetics was achieved through biomimetic (tooth-conserving) techniques, leading to astounding final results!

After discussing goals and potential treatment options with the patient, Dr Tam began the smile transformation process through preliminary teeth whitening and resin infiltration—a minimally invasive technique designed to address incipient lesions (initial decay of the tooth enamel). A nightly whitening regimen was then undertaken for one month, which involved at-home teeth bleaching with a custom night guard. Dr Tam then proceeded to restore the proportions of aesthetic, healthy teeth using tooth-colored composite veneers, as well as cosmetic bonding with a durable composite resin. Defects in the enamel were repaired, and additional overnight teeth whitening for a period of six weeks helped yield a stunning final outcome.

See the results of Dr Tam’s case and read her article in Dental Asia! Don’t forget to contact our team when you are ready to gain the confidence that comes with a flawless smile.