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Morning, it’s Friyay!

We have been getting quite a few enquiries about lip fillers but the common question is “how will it look immediately afterwards and will I be okay to go to work?”

This photo series shows the pre-operative, immediate post-op, 24 hour, 5 day post-op, 1 week post-op and 2 week post-op (final result) depicting the changes the lips go through.

This 30 year old patient desired an increase in upper lip volume, and a total of 2mL of Teosyal (2 syringes) were used in her lips, with a focus on upper lip volume. You can see you will “slightly freak out” during the first 5 days, but then at the 1-2 week mark you notice a settling to the intended result. Bruising is also a reality, even with deft, precision lip body placement of material.

Have a huge Friyay =)

Clarrie x

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