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Good Afternoon Martians,

That’s how I feel after this day anyhow. This was a case featuring quite extensive existing restorations with underlying recurrent caries. Following micro air abrasion with 27 micron aluminum oxide, a total etch approach was taken, etching the sclerotic dentin for 30 seconds, before the use of a MDP-containing bond (G-Premio Bond). It is well known that MDP bonds to both the hydroxyapatite crystals around each collagen fibril as well as directly to the collagen fibril directly. This chemical pairing paired with any micro mechanical retention that you have improves th quality of your hybrid layer. The restoration was layered to full form using Voco Admira Fusion (1.25% polymerization contraction, 3.7MPa shrinkage stress) – this is an organically modified ceramic that has a lower adhesion value to bacteria in clinical studies and is a “pure-ceramic” composite. Tinting of the fissures courtesy of Voco Final Touch – possibly the nicest stain kit out there with the best tip for dispensing.

Have a fantastic night.


Clarrie x

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