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(Afternoon tea pics 776.7: Vitapan Excell | Astratech Locators | Osteon Custom Angled Abutments)

Happy Friday Team,

Today was the culmination of a rehabilitation case completed with the privilege of working with the Master Dental Technician, Taka from #DTDentureDesign in Whenuapai and implant surgeon, Dr. Richard Longbottom in Remuera.

The patient is a 59 year old lady with complex periodontal and restorative needs. A full upper clearance was completed along with removal of hopeless teeth before a periodontal and restorative stability phase.

After discussing all possible implant-supported and retained options for the upper arch including the MK-1, Hader-bar-retained overdenture, direct to fixture prosthetic implant bridge, Locator denture and conventional full upper denture, the patient desired the Locator option as it still allowed for ideal access to the fixtures for cleaning relative to warding off recurrent periodontal disease.

Implant system: Astratech EV (4 x Mx, 2 x Mn angled mesial to the position of the mental foramina). Another two are planned in the molar region after finances rebound.

Implant crown system: custom angled screw-access abutment: Osteon

Implant denture tooth selection:

Vitapan Excell:

pronounced enamel portion / translucent edges for good light dynamics

nuance-rich surface texture for lifelike play of light

integrated mamelon structure and whitish incisal region for natural shade effect

3D layered structure for natural shade gradient

It’s really special to be able to change a life right before Christmas.

This is all from me for this year. Thanks for following. I appreciate your support.

Wishing all of you a blessed and festive Season.