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This nice man presented to my service with the chief concern of large, generalised diastemas present in the anterior sextants. Digital Smile Design was completed to gauge ideal proportions and to preview the tentative final result before a diagnostic wax-up was fabricated. From this, a trial smile was completed and a putty stent generated to guide both facial reduction (minimal flattening and slight margin definition) and placement of resin layers to achieve the planned result. The world’s only Vita-approved anterior ultimate esthetic composite system Kuraray Majesty ES-2 was used with shades XWE, WD, Blue and Clear. Separate intensives from a mystery prototype system were applied to the mid-incisal edge of the centrals, and with significantly less intensity on the laterals. The blue translucent composite was used to define the proximoincisal point angles, and a subtle splash of amber was used on the middle lobes of the lateral and central incisors. Both the Mylar matrix and inverted Garrison Slickband technique were used to guide the emergence profile of the proximal areas. #DENTSPLY #Enhance and #Cosmedent #Enamelize were utilized to deliver the final high gloss.

The lowers are planned for another day.

Have a choice day,