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This dentist came to see me for replacement of her old Class IV restorations on 21MIBL (pin-retained) and 11MIBL (debonded) along with old restorations in 11DB and 12MB. Following preparation, the Class III restorations were completed first, with preparation starting with micro air abrasion with 27 micron aluminum oxide as dentin was exposed. A total etch technique was used using Kerr Optibond Solo Plus before layering in the dentin volume and enamel volumes simply. The ability of Harmonize to harmonize is, well, incredible. The Class IV restorations were more of a challenge, with both teeth being mesially rotated to different degrees, it was trying to find the right balance of visual derotation yet not overbulking the M line angles of both teeth. The lingual shelves were freehanded, and the shades used were Kerr Harmonize A3 Dentin, A3 Enamel, Incisal Clear, and Kerr Kolor White Tint.

It’s safe to say this material is the new heat on the street.

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