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I find that I need to place slightly lighter/brighter restorations over implant accesses as if you place a perfectly matched restoration you will be “drilling for Africa”

In this case here, a PTFE plug was placed over the screw access.  After micro roughening the porcelain cavosurface margin, 5% hydrofluoric acid was placed on the cavosurface margins of feldspathic porcelain before silane coupling agent was applied (a combination silane coupling agent and metal primer = G MultiPrimer by GC) before a 10-MDP bond was applied (G-Premio Bond, GC).  The first layers of restorative were Kerr Herculite XL2 flowable to block out the color before the use of StyleItaliano Si0.5 (dentin shade) from whoa to go to bring the restoration to full contour.  Any darker (i.e. Si1 or 2) then you may be hunting…
The pre-operative photo also is a great visual reference if you ever need to reaccess.
#StyleItaliano #Whiteology #TooWhiteisRight in this case.