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Afternoon All,

This really nice 52 year old Canadian female presented to the practice on referral to change a recently completed composite veneer to a brighter color, more symmetrical shape with added length desired on both the central incisors.  After removal of the old restoration on tooth 9 (21), the midline cant was “improved” slightly via enameloplasty of the 8M (11M) aspect before a pre-crimped Mylar strip was utilized to freehand build the proximal frame and lingual shelf of 9, which featured an extremely dark stump shade.

Kerr Kolor Plus White was utilized in thin layers as the opaquer before our target shade of A1 Dentin was utilized to layer the dentin to full volume.  Some incisal intensives were added with the white tint facial to the translucent layer (Trans Clear) before layering the enamel layer (A1 Enamel).
Fingers crossed it looks decent on full rehydration.
#Kerr #Harmonize #KolorPlus