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(Afternoon tea pics 1654.5: Partial Composite Veneers | Kuraray Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Premium)

Virtually no mamelons were harmed in the creation of these freehand partial coverage composite veneer restorations.

A bit of a corkscrew session, with the initial request being only that the mamelons were undesirable on this 18 year old female. When the appointment came, it turned out that the patient did not like the mesially-rotated laterals which were also proclined. She did not have any desire for orthodontics.

Limited volume recontouring on the distobuccal aspects of the lateral before a purely additive freehand approach to these partial coverage composite veneers to balance esthetics and symmetry in this patient. Obviously the OG halo is visible in the incisal 1/4ths of both laterals, and if desired, will need to be reduced further in order to accomodate camouflage, but as it stands is “pure edge bonding.”

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