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Hi Guys,

It is frustrating for all of us when we have placed and replaced anatomy into a restoration only to remove the rubber dam, check the bite, and kazam.  Yes that’s the heart wrenching word for “shit it’s so high”.  This is the case exhibited in this case from my first patient, who incidentally has generalised moderate attrition with patches of exposed dentin on virtually all posterior teeth.  It’s a classic case of Instagram vs. reality or “fails”. =)
Tips I use for minimizing post-operative adjustments:
1) try to approximate the angle of declination of the triangular ridges as noted in the pre-operative situation.
2) Try to mark the occlusion with articulating paper before you place the rubber dam so you will have an idea about “hard limits”, literally
3) Pray.  It works most of the time unless you’ve been bad recently.
Have a non-frustrating afternoon.  The restoration here was restored using A2 #Voco #GrandioSO and #FinalTouch Brown tint.