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Hi Tea(m),

Provisional crowns modified for improved color and contour. Yes, tooth 8 still seems wider so we will still need to tweak this.

Sometimes, it is convenient to use resin to modify existing provisional crowns not only to improve the contours of the provisionals, but also as a diagnostic tool to see if esthetics can be achieved without modifying occlusion. This nice 50 year old patient presented with failed endodontic treatment on 8 and 9 (1.1, 2.1) and was referred to the endodontist for retreatment, internal bleaching and a bonded fiber post and core.  She presented to my service to try to get the provisionals looking better during her upcoming orthodontic treatment before we replace these restorations with definitive medium translucency e-max ingots after neutralization of the core color.
Adhesive System: Peak Universal Bond
Restorative: Ultradent Mosaic shades EN, A2, ET with white intensives
Dam: Dermadam
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