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F I R S T  S P I N  |  Majesty ES-2 Universal.

Wow.  Control is a big word here as the material is not sticky at all, yet skulptable enough to push and bond to walls without the frustration of an overly-filled, dry composite.  The filler weight is 78% and compressive strength 348MPa, which is just below natural enamel at 384MPa and more than dentin at 297MPa.  Flexural strength is around 116MPa (dentin 165.6MPa).  The built-in fluorescence is very similar to human enamel, which is good for NIGHTCLUB sitches, bishes.
The matrix-in-matrix technique was used for the unopposed first premolar using an Omnimatrix (#ultradent) and #Garrison #Slickband internally to create a nice anatomic curvature.
#ILIKEIT #ClearfilMajestyES2Universal #SkulptingSkool