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I am privileged to work with some talented individuals on the team.  This case by advanced hygienist Laurie Ujfalussy features a moderate to advanced localised periodontitis situation in a 50 year old female.  Initial probing depths: 12mm+, Initial clinical mobility: Grade 2+, Initial vitality: positive.

Perioscopy is a surgical endoscope specific for non-surgical investigation of periodontal defects.  It is the smallest camera in the world (i.e. 0.9mm) and has the ability to magnify the clinical view 24-48 times depending on pocket anatomy.  Normally, initial therapy is completed first, as using the perioscope first may induce bleeding and occlude the field of vision.  It is normally used if the patient is recalcitrant to initial therapy as a non-surgical option.

The second radiograph below was taken 3 months after the perioscopy appointment and shows significant bone in-fill.  The tooth still tests vital and is now rated at Grade 1 mobility.  This represents an option that patients may be willing to explore if they are averse to surgery or have and increased risk for comorbidities due to conditions/habits such as diabetes or smoking.

Stay safe Tea(m).  Afternoon tea pics will be back before you know it.