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(Afternoon tea pics 979.9: Pulpdent Activa Base/Liner | StyleItaliano Whiteology P Shade)
Afternoon alle,
This 19 year old girl had a interesting cavitated lesion on #2P (1.7P) that was very deep against the pulpoaxial wall with blushing. After micro air abrasion of the periphery and selective etching of enamel, a 2% CHX (aq) dwell was completed for about 1 minute before leaving moist dentin. Activa Base/Liner (a rubberized resin matrix with active glass ionomer particles) was extruded and used both as a liner and a bulk fill to cavosurface minus 1.5mm. G-Premio Bond was utilized in a selective-etch mode at this stage after light curing the Activa and StyleItaliano Whiteology P shade was utilized for the external restoration.
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