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Happy Monday,

Large Class II’s with an interesting 44M contact area that “conformed” intimately to the 43D axial wall, which was reproduced in a slightly ugly yet functional way. The material has a really outstanding balance of translucency:opacity, allowing for a single shade restorative solution despite the deep staining from the (past) amalgam restorations. It is an all-ceramic composite material, with no conventional methacrylate monomers (ORMOCER) with a volumetric polymerization shrinkage of 1.25%. The 45M reaches out over a significant distance to establish a definitive contact with the 44, and this was created using the Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion sectional matrix system.

On another note: Arnie was lost…and found today luckily in Westmere. Spent some QT in the Henderson pound, but up in the office. Totally unremorseful. Gotta go and see the naughty nugs. #phew


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