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This lovely patient presented with back to back bombed out caries with severe proximity to the pulp.  Fortunately, caries was able to be removed without exposure (although blushing, albeit invisible due to the stained dentin, was likely present).  A liner of Theracal LC (Bisco) was placed against the pulpoaxial wall of both the 3M and 4D after a dwell of 1 minute using 2% CHX (aq) to ensure a bacteria-free zone.

Deep margin elevation was necessary on 4D to obviate a “straight” proximal profile devoid of anatomic contours.  An Omnimatrix was used for this and then transferred with heavy wedging force supplemented with PTFE tape to the 3M.  The axial contour was directly finished to a curved, anatomic shape following completion before placement of a Triodent V3 sectional system to build the proximal aspect of 4D.  All in all, a very satisfying marathon.
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