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Had the opportunity to complete this Class V on a lovely dentist who travelled 3 hours – thank you!

This was a cervical abrasion lesion with sensitivity felt when she “scaled herself” in the region.  Micro air abrasion (27 micron aluminum oxide) was used in a no-preparation approach before rubber dam placement (#7 HuFriedy Blackline clamp on the first premolar, Brinker B4 on the first premolar) with subgingival tine placement (if you micro air abrade after the rubber dam is in place you will abrade your clamp and bond, etc. will stick to it very tenaciously).  Layered to completion using GC Essentia U Hi-Flo and U packable.  Final polish achieved using Ultradent Diamond Mint Polish (0.5micron) with a #Cosmedent #Flexibuff point

#GC #EssentiaU #Ultradent #DiamondMintPolish #Cosmedent #Flexibuff