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Rainy Thursdays aren’t that dreary,

It’s the perfect cozy environment to test out the esthetic integration of Kerr Harmonize in a relatively large Class II restoration on tooth 14.  The #Triodent #V3 system was used with the non-stick #SuperCurve matrices individually (not stacked, as there was no room for passive fit of the assembly).  A total etch technique was used here using Optibond Solo Plus.  The proximal box floor was lined using 3 successive micro increments of 0.25mm each using Kerr Herculite Ultra flowable A2 before the marginal ridges constructed using a single shade of A2E.  The Dentin body was placed using A3D and a bit of brown stain used liberally in this layer.  The enamel volume was layered next using A2E to full form.  Minimal adjustments were required, and the restoration integrates well functionally and esthetically.

It’s a great night for a barbeque.  Korean barbeque that is.



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