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I found this case really challenging. Previously traumatized tooth 21 with darkened value but in a 16 year old girl with a really large pulp canal. Tooth 21 also in buccoversion slightly, so decreased ability for perfect symmetry relative to buccal embrasures and frontal plane flow. To make matters worse, the fracture line was very chromatic, despite what I felt was a more aggressive buccal fracture infinity bevel preparation, I still was “out of space” when it came to layering dentin, and there was not a lot of room to begin with. Kerr Kolor White was used fortunately at the same level as the fracture line in the incisal 1/3rd matching that of the contralateral tooth as well as down the line angles of the tooth and slightly across the middle third. Difficult when the entire tooth is still vital but yet discolored and in buccoversion and you don’t really feel like doing a traditional veneer prep on a 16 year old…

Shades used: Kerr Harmonize XL1 Enamel, XL2 Dentin, Translucent Clear, Kerr Kolor White.

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