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(Afternoon tea pics 828.1: Ultradent Gemini | Ultradent Ultrapak)

Hi Guys,

This pleasant 64 year old lady visited the practice from Hong Kong after a fall had compromised the long-standing bridge from her 21 to 12. Fortunately, the coronoradicular integrity was intact for the abutments, and we were able to reprepare the teeth with a 0.5mm subgingival margin (normal crest) on the facial. The instructions to the lab were to create an ovate pontic site in the 11 region to optimize the emergence profile (and pontic cleansability re: ultimate convexity). On try-in, naturally, the 11 alveolar ridge impeded full seating of the bridge. The Ultradent Gemini dual-wavelength diode laser was used to complete a precise gingivectomy with hemostasis exactly where required as dictated on the model. Osseous recontouring was completed further to ensure a “biologic width” preservation of the pontic site to prevent chronic inflammation. The PFM bridge was bonded (GC G-MultiPrimer = metal primer (i.e. MDP/MDTP)) and cemented with a dual cure resin cement and shows excellent esthetic integration at the one week reassessment appointment. Looking forward to the 3 month review.

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