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Our practice specializes in providing digital smile design-driven solutions for all of our smile makeovers. Extreme results are possible and predictable with precision in planning.

This DSD-driven case utilized multi-layered Kerr Harmonize composites (XL1 Enamel, XL2 Dentin, Kerr Kolor White Tint, Trans Clear) via a total etch technique using Optibond Solo Plus to correct the over-dominance of the mesialized 13 and 23 in the smile, simultaneously augmenting 14 and 24 as the natural canines. One can see that we will continue to work on the 15, 25 (14, 24) next visit as we clearly ran out of time today =)

The closed-flap crown lengthening on tooth 24 (23) was completed using the Ultradent Gemini Dual-Wavelength laser (870nm and 980nm) and the Kois Wedelstaedt chisel via a transulcular technique.



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