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(Afternoon tea pics 994.4: Ultradent Mosaic | Dermadam | Omnimatrix | Peak Universal Bond)
What I learned from my first “single shade” restoration with Mosaic:
Bonding System: Peak Universal Bond
Restorative: marginal ridges: A3, occlusal: A3.5 Mosaic
Dam: Dermadam Synthetic
Matrix: Omnimatrix
The shaded composites are definitely more dentin than body shades – as such, always leave room for a thin enamel layer such as in this case (I would have used Enamel Neutral or even Enamel Transparent if I didn’t go full volume with the dentin shades)
Why did I go full dentin shade?
Compressive strength 486MPa (Voco Grandio SO = 439MPa, natural enamel = 384MPa)
Flexural strength 166.1MPa (dentin shades), 176.1 (enamel shades) cf to natural dentin flexural strength at 165.6MPa
But lesson learnt.
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