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(Afternoon tea pics 962.3: StyleItaliano Whiteology P Shade | Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion)
Yes, the mesial marginal ridge hairline fractures look scary. But this dental colleague wanted me to watch it if there was no evident extension into dentin to minimize preparation of tooth structure. There is no evidence of radiographic pathology on the mesial axial wall – is it better to remove or wait and see #hmm #wewillsee
Restorative material: P (Posterior) shade from StyleItaliano Whiteology by Optident | Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion: Axial Wall reconstruction
#StyleItaliano #Whiteology #healthcareessentials #skulptingskool #chameleoneffect
Healthcare Essentials Dental #WHITEology StyleItaliano Masterclass Skulpting Skool LLC Hu-Friedy Garrison Dental Solutions | Sectional Matrix System |…