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Had the opportunity to complete a direct resin infiltrated fiber bonded bridge on this recently explanted lateral incisor mini implant on a 16 year old female.  The implant surgeon wishes to wait an additional 12 weeks before placing a new transitory fixture.  A double winged approach here was utilized because we wanted the best assurance that the bridge was going to stay in place for these 12 weeks.

A way of approaching a case like this is to build the case without etching enamel and bonding first – build the pontic and layer as per usual.  Remove the pontic and finish line angles and add apical convexities in the case of an ovate pontic, replace and try-in.  Once “friction fitted” into place, a channel can be pre-placed in the palatal aspect of the pontic to house the Ever-Stick C&B ribbon, which is all “cemented” with flowable composite.

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