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(Afternoon tea pics 988.8: C-Tech Small Diameter Implants | Immediate Direct Composite Crowns)
Evening All,
This was a referral multidisciplinary case. 17 year old female.
Orthodontist: alignment completed and 6.5mm of interdental space left in the upper lateral incisor regions, ready for implant placement at 21 years of age.
Immediate fixed solution sought with looming social deadline. A conventional resin bonded Maryland bridge was refuted.
Periodontist: placement of C-Tech Small Diameter Implant (Aluro NZ) as a transitional implant – if this cannot be backed out conventionally, then it can be trephined out with adequate bony width remaining for definitive implant fixture placement at 21 years of age.
Restorative: diagnostic wax-up completed on scanned and printed models. Direct layering in the mouth with removal of the thimble (radiolucent) after placement of the lingual shelf in order to re-micro air abrade, re-prime and re-bond before sculpiting a clean emergence profile After removal of sutures and re-suturing of the buccal flaps to the rubber dam. Lingual displacement achieved using Teflon roll pressure. Cemented with a small amount of cement. Returned patient to periodontist for flap closure and scalloping of tissue around the emergence profile.
Temporary Anchorage Device: C-Tech Small Diameter Implant (Italy) @aluronz
Putty Matrix System: Thermoclone VPS (Ultradent) @ultradentanz
Composite System: Empress Direct shades A2D, A1E, Trans Opal and Empress Color White (Ivoclar Vivadent) @ivoclarvivadentnz
Metal Primer: GC Multi-Primer (GC America) @gcaustralasiadental
Bonding System: 10-MDP containing G-Premio Bond (GC America) @gcaustralasiadental
Cement: Kuraray Panavia SA A2
Sorry for the gory photos. Looking forward to how it all heals up.
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