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The Sequence

The smallest #fractures are for me one of the hardest things to pull off in #aestheticdentistry.  This nice 17 year old boy presented to the practice for restoration of old enamel fractures on teeth 11DI and 21DIBL.  Looking at the #maverickeffects, there are interesting nuances from a defined halo effect to translucency to white intensives.

Shade selection was taken immediately before rubber dam isolation.  Upon isolation of the teeth, the teeth dehydrated instantly, changing the situation from our color map drastically.  It was important to stick to our guns despite the drastic different in opacity and intensive appearance.

#Guidance: Freehand Pre-crimped Mylar

#Bonding system: Total etch with #Optibond Solo Plus

#Restorative system: #Kerr #Harmonize A2E, A2D, Trans Clear, White: Kerr #Kolor+

#Isolation: #SanctuaryDentalDams #AmtechDentalNZ